Scott Pilgrim vs... The Geek.

That was fun.

While one could quibble about the pacing, or the fact that some characters barely have personalities, that's not really the point.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World is an unabashedly fun movie, filled with laugh-enducing moments (often inspired by Zombieland-style captions) over-the-top action, and just enough heart to make the movie interesting without being sappy.

Michael Cera does a decent job as the title character, seamlessly transitioning from hapless loser to video-game warrior without difficulty, and Mary Elizabeth Winsted is suitably sexy and mysterious as his new beau, Ramona Flowers. 

The high point of the cast, however, is Kieran Culkin as Wallace, Scott's cool gay roommate, who acts as a particulalry snarky Greek Chorus in many scenes, as well as demonstrating the fine art of sleeptexting.  He comes scarily close to stealing the movie.

The fight scenes, while shown in the trailers, start off with a scene that, by appearing sans foreshadowing, serve to show off the oddness of the situation without kicking you out of the film.  Of course, the gratuitous Bollywood number helps. :)

Is this movie destined to be the next blockbuster?  Probably not, as it lacks star power.  But I could see it gaining cult status, quite easily.  And it's certainly worth the price of a ticket.

It's just that fun.

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