Retro Meets Future

Sometimes, the finest geekery comes in the form of fan films.  Low in budget, but high in quality, they show what can be possible when you trust the material.

Here are three fan productions that I've been keeping an eye on (and one larger scale film that just looks like fun).

Buck Rogers:

Green Hornet (not the Rogen film):

Judge Minty (a Judge Dredd fan film):

And finally, a piece of retro pulp called Iron Sky:


Margaret said...

Iron Sky looks like fun - Nazis on the moon coming back in the future? And I'm still on the fence about Green Hornet - has potential but it hasn't won me over yet.

Mario said...

I've got an allergy to campy remakes of pulp characters, so Rogen has an uphill battle. :)

I've a much better feeling for the Karl Urban Judge Dredd pic. Fot one, no Rob Schneider. :D