Hold the Spandex!

Two big movie costumes have been revealed recently.

First, Odin, Loki, and Thor:

I understand that they are going for a high-tech Asgard (not unlike the concept for Matt Fraction's delayed run), but these outfits look like plastic,not something anyone would actually wear. And I wonder how Odin keeps that patch on... I doubt it's bolted on like General Chang's in Star Trek VI.

Then again, I think the Simonson run was the character's zenith, and it's been downhill ever since, so what do I know?

Secondly, Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern:

Gahh... where do I begin? The mask is painted on, and has very weird lines (especially the upper edge). The costume looks like one of those photomanipulations of nude models as superheroes, except the striations make it look like his skin is missing. And the chest logo looks like an afterthought. It might look better in motion, though.

I guess neither of these are really deal breakers. At least none of these heroes traded in their classic costumes for a bolero jacket and MMA gloves. *grin*


Margaret said...

My first thought upon seeing the Odin costume was: he is the King of the Gods, why does he need an eye patch? Can't he just regrow his eye? How'd he lose it in the first place if he is a god?

And that Green Lantern costume looks meh to me - like you said, perhaps when it is motion it'll look better. Heres hoping.

M.D.G. said...

Well, in the myths, he ripped it out himself as a sacrifice to the Well of Mimir, to gain wisdom.

I assume the first wisdom he learned was "don't poke your eye out" :)