Fun VS Cool

I came across this the other day, and it really made me think.

Fun VS Cool | A. Lee Martinez - Author of Divine Misfortune, Monster & more!

The critical bit:

"I think it's all about FUN VS COOL. These two qualities are not necessarily opposed to each other, but I feel that they don't always get along well. While it's absurd (and arbitrary) for me to attempt to define these qualities, this is my blog, so I'm allowed to try.
FUN is lithe and enjoyable and carefree. Fun is allowed to laugh, to smile, to feel joy. Fun is a child blowing bubbles without being self-conscious about it.
COOL is distant. Cool wants you to think it doesn't care, but it does. Cool wants you to like it very badly, it just doesn't want to admit it. Cool is a guy in a leather jacket, sitting on a motorcycle, revving his engine to tell you how much he doesn't care about what you think about him, and he'll prove it by making as much noise as possible until you notice him not caring.
FUN draws you in. Fun is inclusive. Everyone can have fun if they go in with the right attitude.
COOL pushes you away. Cool doesn't want you to be part of the club because if too many people are in the club, then it's not cool anymore. Not everyone can be cool. In fact, most nobody can."

These days, I'm looking for Fun, but only finding Cool...

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