Two Slingers Revealed...

That being a shield-slinger and a web-slinger.  While I am still catching up with what I missed during the con, I did want to speak on the published Captain America and Spider-Man costumes.

I'll admit, looking at these Cap pics, I'm not really impressed:

Maybe it's the muted palette, or the fact that I can't tell if it's supposed to be WW2 or modern day, but the outfit doesn't really look like something a person would actually wear, either in combat, or for morale building.  The right hand pic looks particularly off.

Then, there's the Spider-Man reboot.  I'm going to put it behind a cut, because I'm using a larger pic.

Not drastically different from the Raimi-era suit. It's not as shiny (the webs are inset, not raised) and the spider emblem seems needlessly dramatic, but there are hints of mechanical web-shooters, and while the belt appears to be missing, the lines of the suit work without it.

(Some folks think the belt ws torn off somehow. I'm not too sure)

It feels right, though. I can't quite put my finger on why. Maybe, because it looks like something a gymnast might choose to wear, as opposed to the needlessly complex Cap suit? I'm not sure. Must ponder further

So one plus, one minus. Thus, as they say, is equilibrium maintained. :)

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