Feed the Geek @ Arisia

In one week, I'll be attending Arisia 2011 in Boston, during which I'll be on various panels:

Fri 6:30pm Introduction to Arisia
Fri 11:00pm Mad Science—Is it Worth the Risk?
Sat 9:30am Cotton-Gin Punk
Sat 12:30pm Comedy and Mad Science
Sat 5:00pm Back in MY Day… Anime
Sat 8:00pm Things Man is Not Meant to Know
Sat 11:00pm IGOR! Throw the SWITCH!!!
Mon 9:30am Mad Scientists
Mon 11:00am Nikolai Tesla: The Man and the Myth

Since I will not have a computer with me, I've set up a Twitter feed, where I'll be posting pics and text from the convention. I've also added it to the sidebar.

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