Pros and (Comic-)Cons

Well, another SDCC has come and gone, and while I wasn't there this year (too much money, not enough time) I do have some brief thoughts about various revelations.


It's difficult to feel very optimistic about DC's announcements, since they seem to have been making an effort to show how edgy they are, mostly by killing off fun characters (RIP, M'Gann). Even creators of the YJ cartoon are talking about how "not everyone will survive".

I'll probably check out Morrison's Batman, Inc., out of curiousity more than anything else, but if it starts to meander as Batman & Robin did, I'm gone. Personally, though, I'm more interested in the Absolute WE3 collection, and the possibility of a Flex Mentallo trade.


Ultimate Thor.
Iron Man/Thor
Captain America and the Korvac Saga
Captain America: Hail Hydra
Captain America: Fighting Avenger
Captain America: Man Out of Time

Gee, you'd think there was a movie coming out, or something. *grin*

I don't recall any real major X-news, and just more hints that a member of the FF is going to die ("Again? That trick NEVER works"). There's a decent amount of buzz for Rocket Raccoon & Groot, but with DnA losing the freedom to play in the cosmic side of Marvel, it's bittersweet.

And then there was today's Spider-Man news. New costumes (including one almost certainly inspired by the new Tron film), new publishing schedule... same old editors. I'll leave more detailed rants to my old comrade K-Box.


Lots of Thor reveals, including looks at some helmets, Odin's throne(which looks much better in close-up, I must admit), and the Destroyer. Call me cautiously optimistic, although I'd be happier if the sets were more Rohan, less Broadway.

The new Red trailer looks cool, but winner of the show has to be Tron. I want it to be December now, and don't even like cold weather:

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